Friday, June 25, 2010

Just Found.. 8 New shots of the Barris Fire!

I found these a few months ago at the shop and finally had the chance to scan them..

Pretty crazy seeing other shots of carnage that was once the head quarters for some of the best custom ever built. George had no insurance and he told me that out of all the cars that were lost only one guy tried to sue him.. The judge gave it to George said it was a act of God!!

This First shot you see is what looks like Archie Moore's 1954 Jaguar, A Cadillac and the back of the Wild Kat.. also the rear of a 40 Truck

Heres a step back shot... Chopped 40 ford truck
And from the front of the door
Out the back I believe Jane Mansfields Jag and the Wild Kat all gone... 
And the Pole that started it all..
The to the Shop Bays you see Ron Guidry's 1936 Ford and an Unknown what 
would of been an amazing Kustom..
The Shop bays with the doors closed
The shop doors open we find a 32 3 window that I never seen in any pix of another Jag
and to the far right you see what is the leaded Cowl of the AlaKat. George said it stopped at the paint booth and it sure did..

Thats all I found for now... I'll have other neat stuff to post soon..

See More Cool images Here:

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