Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some Barris Cars Had Bad Luck! Part 1 - Golden Sahara

Doing some research for the book that were working on "The Art of George Barris" I have come across several pictures of Kustoms that George Did that in one way or another have been destroyed yet rebuilt even better! Below are some fine examples of cars that got a little beat up.. It's interesting that its of the most famous cars to come out of the shop that got wrecked..

The Golden Sahara:

I spoke to George about this the other day.. I asked if we have any shots of the Jim Skonzakis 1953 Lincoln before the wreck and he said probably not.. All he did to it was "Nosed" and "Decked" before they laterally left days later for the show up north. On the way home the motor blew on Dan Landon's 49 Chevy, so they decided to flat tow it behind the Lincoln.. at some point it got really foggy and out of no where appeared a flat bed truck!!!  As they went under the truck they leaned over and ducked under the dash. After the smoke cleared and the cops came Geroge needed medical attention for some cuts on his face..well they were in the middle of no where and the officer said the only medical help is in the bar down the road..George ended up having to walk a few miles to the bar to find the Local Doctor!! A drunk doctor went ahead and cleaned a bloody faced George Barris.

Jim's 1953 Lincoln and Dan Landons 1949 Chevy
at the Accident Scene Notice the fog...
Photos: Rik Hoving

Dan Landon's 49 Chevy Before the Accident
also got a little beat up..

After allot Cutting the Golden Sahara now a blank canvas

Finished Product - Golden Sahara 1st Version

2nd more Extreme Version

Notice the Light Up Tires

Part 2 Coming Soon..

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