Saturday, October 16, 2010

Some Barris Cars Had Bad Luck! Part 3 - George's 1941 Buick

So the story that George told me about this one is and amusing one..
Apparently they were hanging in Culver City and they saw some cute girls so the approached them
and started talking to them. The girls boyfriends didn't like that they were talking to these Kustom
guys and so a fight broke out and in the mist of it all the cops showed up and arrested George for being
a part of the fight. Well one of his buddy's decided to to hop in George's car a get it out of the area so they wouldn't impound it and sure enough while George is in the holding sell he hears "APB ALL UNITS REPORT TO ACCIDENT INVOLVING 1941 BUICK" George knew right away that it was his!! what a bad night!! So it turns out his buddy was trying to get out of the area quickly and lost control and smashed the diver side.

After the dust settled, George decided he could fix it up and update it at the same time. The damaged 1941 Cadillac grille was replaced by a cut down 1946 Cadillac grille, the large smooth hubcaps were replaced with Cadillac Sombreros.

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